Hi, I'm Ty

As a kid I always had a thing for music. Whether I was dancing, singing or spitting rap lyrics like I wrote them myself, music was always prominent in my everyday life. From Walkmans to Ipods there's music to match every taste, vibe and situation.


When I was in my junior year at Penn State, I interned at a radio station. After the internship, I was hired to co host the morning show, host my own night show and run our remote broadcast events. "Remotes," as we called them, included everything  from the local wingfest, 5k runs, sporting events, bar hosting and more. I began to realize that a lot of other people felt the same way I did about music whether they realized it or not.


Things progressed from me playing our station's broadcast at events to me picking and choosing each song personally throughout the events. People were consistently thanking me for showing up and saying how much of a difference it made at their event. I loved it. I loved knowing that I was the one who gave everybody that feeling you get when you hear a crazy beat drop or even just that calming feeling for someone who had no idea how they were going to control a room full of 100 kids who are all now just dancing and having fun. My work with the radio station led to an opportunity to work with Penn State football. This was a huge step in my progression. I was now going to be one of the people responsible for music and audio at Beaver Stadium. Over 100,000 people, packed into the 4th largest stadium in the world at the time, and they were all going to be listening to ME?! Madness.  I worked as many events as I possibly could between then and graduation. I still go back when I can just because of how much I enjoy it. After graduation, I began discovering more and more music. More artists, more genres, more festivals etc. I realized that I wanted to keep connecting with people in that way. As soon as the opportunity presented itself, I officially became a DJ, making mixes at home and playing various kinds of events.


My style is simple...Adaptable.

Personally I primarily love edm and rap but as I like to say, "I don't discriminate!". If a song is good, a song is good. That's regardless of the artist, genre, age or whatever else. I like good music - plain and simple. However, I understand that "good music" is subjective. That's why I say my style is adaptable. To me, my job is to play what's best for the event and the crowd. Regardless of my own favorites, that's what I do. I'll play anything from Frank Sinatra to Katy Perry to Future to Tiesto. If you want to keep it traditional that's fine, and if you want to turn it into a night club that's also fine. It doesn't matter. Whatever gets the people going is what I will play.

My favorite part about being a DJ?


Crowd reaction and crowd control.

There is nothing like being able to kill the music and have the crowd screaming the lyrics without missing a beat. Or playing what the crowd thinks is a familiar song but it turns out to be a remixed version that they go wild for. People love sharing new music with their friends or being the one to grab the aux cord and put on a song that has people saying "Man what's the name of this song?" DJing is like an extreme version of that. When you do well, you can tell by the crowd reaction, and it's super satisfying.